Ravigneaux Gear Train

Ravigneaux Gear Train

The Ravigneaux gear train, like the Simpson gear train, provides gear reductions, overdrives, direct drive, and reverse combination. It offers the following advantages:

- Torque loading capacity is increased due to greater tooth contact area.

- It is very compact unit in comparison to the Simpson gear train.

- It can have the large sun gear, planetary carrier, or ring gear as the output member.

The Ragvineaux gear train uses two sun gears, one small and one large, and two sets of planetary pinion gears, three long pinions and three short pinions. The planetary pinion gears rotate on their own shafts, which are fastened to a common planetary carrier. The small sun gear is meshed with the short planetary pinion gears. These short pinions act as idler gears to drive the long planetary pinion gears. The long planetary pinion gears mesh with the large sun gear and the ring gear. A single ring gear surrounds the complete assembly.

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