The clutch is located between the transmission and engine where it provides a mechanical coupling between the engine¡¯s flywheel and the transmission¡¯s input shaft. The driver operates the clutch through a linkage that extends from the passenger compartment to the bell housing between the engine and the transmission.

All manual transmissions require a clutch to engage or disengage the transmission. If the vehicle had no clutch and the engine was always connected to the transmission, the engine would stop every time the vehicle was brought to a stop. The clutch allows the engine to idle while the vehicle is stopped. It also allows for easy shifting between gears. The clutch engages the transmission gradually by allowing a certain amount of slippage between the transmission¡¯s input shaft and the flywheel.

  1. Clutch Operation

  2. Clutch Maintenance

  3. Clutch Problem Diagnosis

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