Fuel Systems

Fuel Systems

The automobile's fuel system is both simple and complicated. It is simple in the systems that transfer fuel to the engine and complex in the carburetor or fuel injector system that mixes fuel with air in the correct amounts and proportion to meet all needs of the engine.

This part focuses on the simple part of the fuel system. It covers the basic of the fuel delivery or transport system, including the fuel tank, lines, filters, and pump. The fuel transport portion of the system is very important in the operation of a gasoline driven vehicle. To fully understand the automotive fuel system, a knowledge of the performance of petroleum-based fuel used to power the engine is necessary. Although there are several different types of fuels, gasoline is the most commonly used motor fuel and is given primary consideration in this part. Diesel fuel and other alternative fuels are briefly discussed.

  1. Gasoline

  2. Gasoline Additives

  3. Diesel Fuel

  4. Alternative Fuels

  5. Fuel Delivery System

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